Are Your Sales Territories Defined? Here Are The Determining Factors!

Sales territories may be large or small and their division must be done with intelligence. The sales manager must consider all the factors that will affect the sales territory division. Some of the most important points to consider are:

Nature Of Your Product: This is dependent upon the demand of the product. There are many products with a constant demand and these products do not require much effort for selling. Hence, a larger territory can be assigned to them, due to a higher turnover. However, luxurious, large, and long lasting items have a small turnover and require more selling efforts; thus, a small territory can be assigned to them.

Demand Of Your Product: The demand of a product is also a considering factor, before assigning the territories to the salesperson. The constant and regular demanding products can be divided into smaller sized sales territories. But, if the product has low demand, the territories  must be large.

Transportation Facilities: The availability of the transportation, affect the product’s sales territory. If the region has good facility of railways, buses, or airways, the territory may be large. But, the lack of proper transportation will bring down the sales territory to a small size. If the company can provide transportation to the salesman, the territory may increase.

Aptitude Of The Salesman: The territory of the sales is also dependent on the abilities of the salesmen. An experienced person will sell more and can be given large territories. The new salesmen are allotted small areas, as they can sell limited product.

Therefore, the sales territory is dependent on the salesmen and other factors. However, salespeople are the first point of contact for buyers and they have the power to increase the revenue of the company by giving maximized sales. A salesperson can develop the best sales skills by getting trained for the same. Build Up Sales is here to avail the sales training course for all the aspiring sales people, imparted by our proficient sales trainers. We provide the best sales training programs and ensure that every sales training module is based on the industry trends.

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