Silvan Krähenbühl is an expert sales consultant and founder of Build Up Sales. Silvan specializes in providing consultation and training for management and upper level staff, helping startups and SMEs achieve phenomenal success. He is dedicated to being the co-author of entrepreneur success stories because he understands what it is like to be one.

From entrepreneur to entrepreneurs

Silvan began his journey as an entrepreneur with several small business ventures that ultimately did not do as well as he hoped. It was through ‘experience’ that he discovered sales techniques that significantly outperformed competing startups. Silvan further honed his skills by studying sales planning and marketing, using research-backed models to perfect his strategy.

End 2015, he successfully used his hard-fought talent to set up a new company. Silvan amazingly built a loyal customer base of over two-hundred-fifty gyms a couple months, and he continues to expand with consulting services that have helped others achieve similar success.

Best results with sales training

Silvan hopes to inspire business owners to tap into his experience and learn from someone who cares. At Build Up Sales, our mission is to provide knowledgeable advice to our clients to help them more fully understand the best-model sales practices that will get them the sales results they deserve. We look forward to serving you.