Avoid These Common Sales Email Mistakes For A Healthy Sales Process!

Every sales rep crave for a chance to seize a good impression on the client and that too, when it’s through an email, it’s much divergent than expected. An in-person communication has its own benefits, as you can build rapport by divulging your products and services. So, it’s indispensable to have your first impression to be the best while sending the email, as it’s the factor that turns vague when it’s not written properly.

Common Sales Email Mistakes To Avoid

Writing an email must be considered a serious package. No matter if you’re an expert, there are a few constant errors that are yet committed. Some of the most common mistakes that should be avoided are:


Misspelling Words: Speeding up while writing email, let many people to commit misspelling of words and it has been noted as one of the most common mistakes in the previous year. You can use the tools to keep a check on all the misspell words.

For example:

Is there a spellingg mistake?


Repeating The Words: Another common error is of repeating the words and the email composer writes the same words twice. An email will definitely look far better by avoiding this one of the common email mistakes.

For example:

When will you be be giving the report?


Putting In Misspelled Prospect or Company Name: For making a certain sale, ensure that you enter your prospect’s name and the company without any misspelling. Your client won’t care about, if you were tired or did it unintentionally. They have numerous other options to choose for their work and you must not give them a chance for it.


Incorrect Company Name: How can you write an incorrect name of your own company? It will give a clue to the client, you just do not care about the important details and they may not be interested in your services.


Not Writing The Paragraphs: If your email is too long, do not write it in one paragraph. Try to split the email matter into paragraphs to make it more understanding and readable.


Henceforth, all the above mentioned common email mistakes must be eliminated while sending them to the prospects. This can be aptly possible when the sales rep has the proper sales skills that can be attained by the best sales training from Build up Sales. We have the experienced sales trainer who is proficient in imparting the in-depth sales management training and develop the sales leadership in you. 

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