The Only Way to Go is Up!

I was in your shoes, so I understand your problems. I know lots and lots of startups are juggling with multiple issues: setting up a proper sales training and infrastructure, managing business, hiring the best people, and so on. After achieving success in my own startup Gymhopper, I decided to help a few startups and companies who are looking for a clear sales structure and improvements. After talking to several startups and providing them with a crystal clear view, they seemed to gain some real value out of these inputs, so an idea was born! An idea to assist hundreds of startups out there, and transform their reality!

Professional And Reliable Support To Your Business

Ascend to higher sales with the right blueprint. Your sparring partner offers startup sales experience and is coach & supporter of several projects and startups.

Build on Your Best Ideas

Your best ideas can become genius with a solid foundation. Kickstart your business with help from our experienced sales consultant. Receive assistance with developing a simple, effective sales plan from start to finish. You can get personalized advice you can trust from a professional who knows what works. Make ‘getting results’ the bulwark of your larger marketing strategy.

Renovate Outdated Systems

Let us help you create systems that make your job easier. Your personal sales training will show you how to cultivate a dynamic sales force to support your company’s goals. You’ll be able to automate routine processes and train your salespeople efficiently. Eliminate costly mistakes and see sales skyrocket. From hiring to on boarding and beyond, allow us to take the guesswork out of managing your business effectively.

Expand Your Enterprise to Scale

Our strategies are designed to give you the sales training you need to achieve success, so don’t hesitate to take advantage of our insight. Discover how to grow your successful enterprise! Whether you want to expand geographically or with additional business models, you want a dedicated expert helping you every step. The only way to go is up.

It’s time to supercharge your business today!